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Hi! Lindsey here 👋🏻


Photography has been a hobby of mine for several years and has quickly turned into this dream of starting my own business. It's been a crazy, growth-filled journey and I'm thrilled to continue my journey with people like you! I started out as a real estate photographer (I bet I've photographed over 1,000 homes!), but decided I needed a little more "action"... so, here I am!


As a photographer, I adapt to my CLIENTS' style and preferences. As you'll see in my work, I love editing in many different ways. Whether you're aiming for "dark & moody" or "light & airy" (or something in between!), I will put all I have into making your photos feel right for you. If you're not picky, I'll edit how I feel best suits the mood of the session.

I'm proud to join up with the talented Amara Willert: owner/photographer of Emerald Cove Images (! We enjoy being each other's associate shooters, and I also do part-time wedding editing for her. We have a great professional and fun partnership!


I, of course, love ALL my sessions, but my favorites are:

  • weddings

  • boudoir

  • milesone

Want to know a little more about me? 

  • I am a proud dog mom to two sweet pups that I adore and will talk your ear off about if you let me! 

  • I met my husband at the most romantic location in Fargo - Applebee's! Okay, okay. Not the most romantic, but our story truly is and I'd love to hear yours!

I hope we get to know each other and I have the chance to capture a special season of your life someday soon.


Cheers to you, friend! 🥂

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"Be the reason someone smiles today"


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